1961 Boys Basketball

1962 Boys Basketball  

City, CDC, and New England Champions 

City, CDC, State, and New England Champions

Hartford High has an historic season in basketball winning the New England Championship, the first title in school history. 
Hartford High beat Bulkeley 47-39 to win the New England Title for the second straight year.  Click on button below to see the original story. 
Feb 4th win City 71-61 over Bulkeley
March 1st win 74-61 over Bulkeley in CIAC playdowns 
Jan 27th win over Weaver 
Feb 3rd win over Bulkeley to win City
Feb 12 win over Weaver 70-57 8 in a row
Feb 24th win 67-44 Bristol Cent in CIAC
March 2nd win over Ansonia CIAC  
March 9th win over ND West Haven CIAC Semi
March 11th win CIAC Title  
March 7th win over Weaver in State CIAC semis
March 17th win 63-43 over Smith in New Englands
March 18th win oer Portland in New England semi's
March 18th NE quarters win over Pittsfield 
March 19th beat Cross for New England title
March 24th NE semis win 
Nw England final win over Bulkeley
March 20th 500 greet team on return to Hartford
March 20th team balance keys win
New England win in a slowdown
Griffin carried off the court

James Johnson articles 

1977 & 1978 Girls Outdoor Track Champions 

November 2018

City, CDC and State Champions both years 

James A. Johnson of James A. Johnson, Esq. in Southfield, Michigan is an accomplished attorney. Jim was Captain of West Hartford-Conard H. S. basketball team. Today he is an active member of the Massachusetts, Michigan, Texas and Federal Court Bars. Jim concentrates on Sports & Entertainment Law, serious Personal Injury, Intellectual Property and Insurance Coverage.  He writes stories about basketball, his experiences, and those who influenced him along the way.   
The 1977 and 1978 Girls Outdoor Track teams won the Class L State Championships.  The first championships for a girls team from the City of Hartford. 
June 1976 State Meet 
May 1976 Set Records City Meet
1976 State Meet 
May 15th Htfd Invitational 
June 5th 1977 Win State Title 
June 5th 1977 Win States - Full Page
Connecticut Phenoms Part I  
Connecticut Phenons Part II
Tribute to Barry Leghorn
May 28 1877 State Sectionals 
June 2nd HPHS Girls win 2nd title in a row
June 10 1978 HPHS summary
Massachusetts Supers 1B
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Pamela Floyd-Cranford finishing
Adriene Pitts-Allen hurdling 
Team Picture 
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HPHS Weaver Thanksgiving Games 

State Championships in Track 

1970's - 19 State Championships

March 20, 1961

Hartford Public has won the most state championships in track (indoor and outdoor) in the state of Connecticut.  This section covers the 19 won in the 1970's coached by Lindy Remigino and are in chronological order.  
Hartford Public and Weaver have been rivals since 1924. Below are some articles of the best games of the series.   
1970 Win Outdoor Class A title 
1970 Win Outdoor State Open title
1971 Win Indoor Class A title
1942 Win 7-0 breaks Weaver 12 game streak
1951 Win 7-0 Weaver was unbeaten 
1955 Win 27-6 Gustafson 2 Tds
1971 Win Outdoor State Open title
1958 Win 12-6 Jenkins 2 TDs
1960 in 26-14 win Griffin wins Syd Conn trophy
1972 Win Indoor Class A title 4th time in 5 yrs
1971 Win Outdoor Class A title 
1961 Win 8-6 Rodden 118 yards 
1962 Win 16-12 now 29-9-1 HPHS in series
1971 Win 14-0 Weaver was unbeaten
1970 Win 24-6
1972 Win Outdoor Class A 5th in a row
1972 Win Outdoor State Open 49-19
1973 Win Outdoor Class A 6th in a row
1975 Win 42-0 Poole 5 tds
1991 Win 34-10 Riley stars
1992 Win 20-0 
1973 Win Outdoor State Open 5th in a row
1975 Win Indoor Class A title 
1975 Win Outdoor State Open
1974 Win Outdoor Class A 7th in a row
1976 Win Indoor State Open 
1976 Win Outdoor Class LL title

Early Football Game Articles 

1978 Win Outdoor Class LL title 18th time
1976 Win Indoor Class LL title
Win 1978 Outdoor State Open 7th time in 9 years.

March 19. 1961

1976 Win Outdoor State Open title for the 7th time
1881 Dec Win over Norwich first known game 
1883 Beat New Haven 6-0
1882 School Burns down 
1884 Dec 8th Beat Hillhouse 38-0 state champs
1885 Dec 7th Beat Hillhouse 13-0 state champs
1886 Nov 26th football team wins all its games

Swimming State Championships

1890 Nov 10th Win 52-0 over New Britain first game ever
1898 Oct 10th Win 73-0 over Suffield 
1899 Season summary 3-2-1

Hartford Public won 15 straight state titles in swimming 1935-1949

1901 Nov 4th beat New Haven 22-5 for state championship
1901 Season Summary 8-0

1914 Nov 4th Win 27-0 over New Britain first in years
1935 Team readies for season 
1935 March 16 win first state title  
1935 March 2nd win 9th in a row 
1914 Win 73-0 over Meriden 
1914 Nov8th Win 13-3 over New  Haven for State Championship
1936 March 16th retain State Title beat Harding 
1936 March 22nd HPHS swimmers smash records
1937 Win State Title over Harding 21st straight win
1917 Tie New Britain 0-0
1917 Beat New Haven 19-0
1937 April 15 Dave Tyler named All-American
1938 March 20 win State Title  
1939 March 19th win 5th State Title in a row
1917 Season summary 6-0-2 no points allowed
1918 Nov Beat New Britain 32-0
1918 Nov Win State Championship 7-0 over New Haven 
1918 Season ending story outscored opponents 119-6
1920 90-7 win over CT Agriculture Foley 5 tds
1941 Loss forces 3-way tie for State Title
1940 Win 6th State Title in a row 3 losses in 6 yerars 
1920 Win over New Britain 
1941 March 22nd share honors 
1920 Team Picture 
1921 Win 23-0 over New Haven
1942 Amann record  
1920 Win 77-0 over East Hartford
1942 March 1st shade Crosby for State Title 
1943 Edge Crosby for State Title 
1922 HPHS and Naugatuck share state championship
1922 Win over Hillhouse 22-8
1922 Win 13-3 over New Britainn
1944 Feb 26th win State Title again
1945 March 11th win 24th in a row and State Title 
1945 June 2nd Paul Girdes named All-American 
1923 Three HPHS players make All-State 
1923 Beat New Britain 14-6
1923 Beat Hillhouse 14-7
1946 March 22nd Beat Crosby for State Title 
1946 Oct Norm Campbell named All-American 
1947 Team Picture and 13th straight State Title
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1949 March 19th 5th in New Englands  
1948 March 8th 3-way tie for State Title 
1949 March 19th Win 15th Straight State Title