Board Of Directors

Listed are current and former board members  and supporters of the HPHS Athletic HOF

  1. Lindy Remigino
    Lindy Remigino
    President Emeritus
    President Emeritus - Lindy founded the HPHS Hall of Fame and his leadership has been instrumental in its success. Lindy was in the Hall's inaugural class in 2002. An Olympic track two time gold medal winner among his impressive resume.
  2. Jack LaPlante
    Jack LaPlante
    Vice President
    Jack, was inducted into the HPHS HOF in 2010 as a coach. He was a long time football and track coach and is a leader in establishing and growing the HPHS HOF
  3. Betty Gunn
    Betty Gunn
    Betty, inducted into the HPHS HOF in 2010 as a coach also was a director and has helped develop and grow the Hall.
  4. Denise Jones
    Denise Jones
    Vice President and Treasurer
    Denise, class of 1976, inducted into the HPHS Hall in 2008. She currently performs two roles as a Vice President and Treasurer in the Hall.
  5. R. J. Luke Williams
    R. J. Luke Williams
    School Historian
    Luke is the HPHS School Historian and a long time supporter of the HOF.
  6. Robert Abate
    Robert Abate
    Vice President
    Bobby, a long time history teacher at the school, is well known in the city for his basketball exploits and avid support of HPHS athletics.
  7. Joella Marshall
    Joella Marshall
    Joella Marshall, inducted into the HPHS HOF in 2003 has been a HOF Board member and supporter of the Hall since it's inception.
  8. Mike Forrest
    Mike Forrest
    Vice President
    Mike, class of 1977, has been a long time supporter of HPHS athletics and the HOF.
  9. Robert Lee
    Robert Lee
    Vice President
    Robert, class of 1976, inducted into the HPHS HOF in 2014. Is a strong supporter of HPHS athletics.
  10. John Forrest
    John Forrest
    John, was valedictorian of the HPHS class of 1980. He has been a supporter of HPHS athletics and joined the board in the spring of 2015.
  11. Art Querido
    Art Querido
    HOF Photographer
    Art is the official photographer for HPHS, the HOF and the museum.
  12. John Barresi
    John Barresi
    Vice President - MC
    John has been with the Hall since 2010 and he serves as the Master of Ceremony at the Hall of Fame events